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A Writer's Resource

A Handbook for Writing and Research, 7th edition, by Elaine Maimon and Kathleen Blake Yancey

With A Writer's Resource, writers learn to identify the fundamental elements of writing situations encountered across the curriculum and in a variety of disciplines - from research assignments to blog and social media posts.

Everyone is a writer.

While only a few may publish New York Times’ bestsellers, writing is essential to everyone’s career and personal development. Through writing we achieve goals, influence others, and have a voice in our democracy. Yet, many underestimate their writing abilities and stay silent when they should speak out. A Writer’s Resource: A Handbook for Writing and Research provides guidance for students--and for those who used to be students--on everything from informative reports to blogs.

A Writer's Resource, 7th Edition

A Writer’s Resource deals with the following writing situations—and many others:

  • Writing to get and keep a job

  • Writing letters to raise awareness and share concern

  • Drafting texts and visuals

  • Discovering tools for blogs, wikis, and websites

  • Preparing oral presentations

  • Understanding primary and secondary research

  • Documenting sources

  • Avoiding plagiarism

  • Editing for clarity and correctness

ISBN10: 126430787X | ISBN13: 9781264307876

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